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    The goal of all the Erectile Dysfunction treatments is to ensure normal blood flow in the penis to make it firmer to perform the function of sexual intercourse. Some harmful life style choices like smoking, alcoholism or physical inactivities may lead to development of it, while in some cases certain psychological factors like stress, depression, guilt pangs etc cause erectile dysfunction. In certain cases side effects of drug may also lead to this sexual dysfunction.

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    Among many methods available to cure your sexu-al problems then best one among all are the male enhancement pills. These pills are easy to take and do not require any surgical procedure. Its usage is similar to the pills taken for a headache or any other mild condition. The best thing about these pills is that they understand the reason behind all sex problems which is usually insufficient blood flow to the genital organs and thus act accordingly to give better erections and increased organ size.

    One promising new medication, written about in The Journal of Sex Medicine in 2011, is showing some very promising results. Researchers from the Australian Centre for Sexual Health investigated the drug Dapoxetine in men suffering from premature ejaculation from over 25 countries. After 12 weeks of treatment Dapoxetine was successful in reducing the prevalence of premature ejaculation and improving ejaculatory control in men, with minimal side effects or mood alterations.

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